Wheeling Nursing Home Abuse Lawyer

Placing a loved one under the care of a nursing home is a difficult decision to make, even if it seems like a reputable facility. So, learning that your family member was abused or neglected in a nursing home can be particularly devastating. If your loved one was harmed in a long-term care facility, they may be able to take legal action.

At Bordas & Bordas, we have fought aggressively on behalf of nursing home residents and their family members. In Meredith v. Heartland of Clarksburg, we won a $50 million verdict for the surviving family members of a nursing home resident who passed away due to extreme neglect.

If you or a family member suffered unjust treatment in a long-term care facility, a Wheeling nursing home abuse lawyer from our firm could help you seek justice. With guidance from a skilled personal injury attorney, you could protect your family from further harm and secure fair compensation.

Rights of Nursing Home Residents in Wheeling

Under both federal and state laws, residents of nursing homes and similar facilities have numerous inalienable rights that facility staff members and administrators must protect at all times. These include the right to:

  • Be made aware of medical conditions
  • Make decisions about medical care
  • Physical privacy
  • Manage their finances
  • File complaints about conditions or staff

If anyone working for or with a nursing home violates any of these rights, they could bear civil liability for any damages you or your loved one sustains as a result. This is true whether the individual acted with intentional malice or unintentional neglect. Talk to an experienced attorney about the laws protecting nursing home residents from abuse and neglect.

Identifying Neglect and Abuse in Long-Term Care Facilities

Identifying abusive or neglectful conduct can be difficult for even the most dedicated family members. Signs of mistreatment are not always obvious, and residents themselves may be unwilling or unable to clearly communicate what is being done to them.

While every situation is unique, you should take action sooner rather than later if you notice your loved one has stopped eating or drinking regularly, has inexplicable physical injuries, lives in unsanitary conditions, undergoes sudden changes in mood or personality, or seems abnormally anxious or afraid around certain staff members. These are all potential signs of neglect or abuse. A lawyer in Wheeling could help you determine the next best steps after identifying mistreatment in a nursing home.

What Damages Could You Recover in a Lawsuit?

Regardless of how or why mistreatment in a nursing home occurs, you have the right to file suit for any harm you suffered as a result. For example, if the facility in question did not have handrails, causing you or your loved one to fall and suffer injuries, you could pursue compensation for many economic and non-economic damages.

Common types of economic damages include hospital bills, costs of physical therapy, and any other past and future medical expenses. Non-economic damages such as physical pain, emotional anguish, and loss of enjoyment of life could be recovered, especially if you or your family member sustained harm due to intentional abuse. Our legal team could clarify damages that may be recoverable in your nursing home neglect or abuse claim.

Speak with a Wheeling Nursing Home Abuse Attorney About Legal Options

No one should ever have to tolerate abusive or neglectful conduct from individuals entrusted with their daily care. If you or your family member has suffered such mistreatment in a nursing home or another long-term care facility, you should take prompt legal action.

With professional legal guidance, you could significantly increase your chances of achieving comprehensive recovery. A Wheeling nursing home abuse lawyer could help you seek the best possible outcome for your family. Call Bordas & Bordas today to learn more.