Pittsburgh Birth Injury Lawyer

Bordas & Bordas has taken on the heart-wrenching and tragic cases that result when medical issues related to pregnancy, delivery and prenatal care are improperly handled. Cases like Andrews v. Reynolds Memorial Hospital and Davis v. Wang are both landmarks of West Virginia medical malpractice jurisprudence as a result of the law made supporting access to justice for injured victims as well as for the substantial verdicts obtained at the jury trials handled by Linda Bordas.

When an unexpected death or serious injury results from inappropriate medical care surrounding pregnancy, birth or prenatal care, a consultation with an experienced medical malpractice attorney is warranted. A Pittsburgh birth injury lawyer could help you seek justice and hold the negligent party accountable.

Birth Injuries and Medical Negligence

For a family expecting to bring a new child into the world, a birth injury is a stunning turn of events. If medical negligence played a role in the injury, it becomes a legal issue as well.

Birth injuries can occur due to errors prior to, during and after delivery. Some birth injuries are the result of a failure to monitor mother or child. When warning signs are missed, the child can suffer hypoxia (lack of oxygen to the brain), brachial plexus injuries and other injuries that could change the course of his or her life.

While it is not always possible to prevent a birth injury, medical staff must take necessary precautions and, when warning signs arise, take appropriate action. Our seasoned Pittsburgh lawyers are well versed in the causes of birth injuries and know how to investigate these claims to identify liable parties. We are dedicated to helping our clients obtain full and fair compensation for the losses they have suffered.

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