Pittsburgh Highway Accident Lawyer

Our seasoned car crash attorneys will thoroughly investigate the circumstances of your auto collision. Investigation may reveal that a negligent driver did not cause the wreck, or was not the only cause of it. Investigation could reveal that the highway itself played a role, either because it was improperly designed or because of an issue involving highway construction. If so, a Pittsburgh highway accident lawyer will take action against the construction company or government entity responsible for the defective highway in pursuit of maximum compensation for the victim.

A History of Success in Highway Injury Cases

In Schuster v. Kokosing, we obtained an appellate decision that allows a motor vehicle accident victim to go to trial in cases in which accidents are caused by construction companies failing to return roads to their preconstruction condition. In this particular case, the construction company had failed to properly replace a stop sign. We have achieved success in many challenging highway defect cases.

Types of Highway Defects

Something as seemingly minor as improper or faded markings on the blacktop can be a defect that leads to a serious auto accident. Some defects are much more complex, such as improperly designed highway interchanges. We may need to bring in engineers and other experts to help us analyze these types of defects.

Defects related to construction include failure to establish proper warnings or to adequately redirect traffic around the highway construction site. Highway construction accidents may also involve construction vehicles pulling into traffic and causing collisions. Our Pittsburgh attorneys handle construction accidents and highway defect accidents of all types throughout the city.

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