Pittsburgh Fracking Nuisance Claims Lawyer

Drilling techniques such as hydraulic fracturing (fracking) have made it possible to extract far more natural gas from shale rock formations than any time in the past. Unfortunately, fracking can also result in environment damage, property damage, personal injury and nuisance claims for people who live on nearby land.

At the law firm of Bordas & Bordas, our committed workplace injury attorneys represent people who have environmental damage, property damage, personal injury, and nuisance claims against natural gas drilling companies. We offer a free initial consultation with a Pittsburgh fracking nuisance claims lawyer to discuss your case and answer your questions.

What are My Rights as a Property Owner?

As a property owner, you have a right to quiet enjoyment of your property. If you live near a gas drilling operation, however, you may find it impossible to enjoy your property due to:

  • Earthquakes and tremors from fracking
  • Natural gas explosions
  • Noxious emissions
  • Noise from compressors and other equipment that operate 24 hours a day
  • Bright lights that make it hard for you to sleep at night
  • Overwhelming truck traffic
  • Contamination from water spills
  • Contamination of groundwater
  • Structural damage to your home from heavy trucks and equipment operating nearby
  • Injuries caused by blasting or other mineral extraction activities

Your rights as a property owner may be determined by several factors such as how the property is zoned, how much noise the operation produces, how late drilling operations go, and whether you signed a lease for mineral rights on your own property. A diligent Pittsburgh fracking nuisance claims attorney could review the details of a particular case to determine if legal action is warranted.

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