Pittsburgh Industrial Accidents Lawyer

If you have been injured in an industrial accident, you may be relying on your employer to take care of you. While the response is understandable, it can cause you to delay taking action to protect your own interests.

The experienced workplace injury attorneys at Bordas & Bordas represent people who are injured while working in the shale gas drilling industry, coal mines, and other types of dangerous occupations in West Virginia, Ohio, and Pennsylvania, as well as those injured on our highways and by other dangerous actions or practices. No matter how you were injured or who was at fault, we offer a free initial consultation with a dedicated Pittsburgh industrial accidents lawyer at our firm to explain your rights and answer your questions.

Protecting Your Rights After an Accident

One of the biggest mistakes you can make after an accident is to assume that an employer or insurance company will protect your interests. After an accident, your relationship with your employer can change. Rather than seeing you as a productive worker, they may start viewing you as an expense.

To protect your rights to compensation:

  • Obtain medical care and follow your doctor’s orders for your recovery. If you fail to get medical care or there is a lapse in your care, your employer’s insurance company may attempt to say that you are no longer injured.
  • Contact an attorney to collect and preserve evidence of liability. In the weeks and months after an accident, evidence can disappear and witnesses’ memories can fade. Unless a Pittsburgh industrial injury lawyer writes a letter directing your employer to preserve evidence such as damaged equipment, it may not be possible to obtain that evidence to help determine the cause of your accident and who is at fault.
  • If you are receiving workers’ compensation benefits, be sure you understand and follow the rules. If your employer offers you a light duty assignment and you refuse, your workers’ compensation carrier may stop your benefits.

During your free initial consultation, our industrial accident attorneys in Pittsburgh will provide you with valuable information about the steps you can take to protect your interests. You will be under no obligation to hire us following your consultation.

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