Wheeling Insurance Bad Faith Lawyer

Nobody likes dealing with insurance companies, but sometimes it is necessary to recoup monetary losses after an unexpected accident or natural disaster. However, if you paid your premiums on time and submitted a valid claim only to have your insurer give you the run-around, you may be unsure how to proceed.

Our Wheeling insurance bad faith lawyers have achieved favorable results for many clients dealing with unreasonable insurers. In a record-setting case, Cox v. Personal Service Insurance Company, we won an $10 million verdict for our client.

Whether you are dealing with an auto claim, a refusal to pay out on a life insurance policy, a dispute over a homeowner’s insurance claim, or trouble with a disability claim, a skilled attorney could represent your best interests and make sure your provider honors the terms of your policy.

What Constitutes “Bad Faith” from an Insurance Provider?

Every insurance policy is a contract, meaning your insurer should provide payment for any valid claim you file as long as you pay your premiums. If your insurance company unreasonably denies benefits to you despite being in good standing, they have acted in bad faith. Further, if you suffer damages due to the denial of benefits, you have grounds to sue your insurance provider for their bad faith actions.

In addition to unfair denials, there are several types of actions that may constitute bad faith. These acts may include:

  • Unreasonably delaying the claims process
  • Withholding information about key deadlines or claim requirements
  • Lying about what a policy covers
  • Being dishonest about how much a claim is worth

While not every insurance claim rejection automatically constitutes bad faith, denials with no legitimate basis are often cause for legal action. During an initial consultation, a Wheeling attorney could help you determine whether your insurer’s actions qualify as bad faith and plan an appropriate response.

Collecting Evidence to Challenge Bad-Faith Practices in Wheeling

Documentation generally makes all the difference in an insurance bad faith claim. The more indisputable evidence you can provide that your policy covers a particular loss, the better chances you will have of convincing a court that your insurance provider delayed, denied, or otherwise interfered with your claim without due cause.

A dedicated lawyer from our firm could provide valuable assistance in collecting, cataloging, and presenting evidence to prove your insurer acted dishonestly or fraudulently. Through a successful case, you may be able to recover compensation not only for the value of your original claim, but also for additional compensatory damages like pain and suffering. You could even obtain punitive damages for especially egregious misconduct.

Seek Legal Help from a Wheeling Insurance Bad Faith Attorney

Insurance companies who act in bad faith rob deserving policyholders of millions of dollars in benefits every year. If you fell victim to underhanded practices from your auto insurance, life insurance, homeowner’s insurance, or disability insurance provider, you should strongly consider exploring the possibility of civil litigation.

Our qualified Wheeling insurance bad faith lawyers could offer guidance and support through every step of your case. Call our office today to set up a meeting.