Pittsburgh Teen Driver Accident Lawyer

The age of the negligent driver can play a role in a motor vehicle accident case. Bordas & Bordas features lawyers with decades of experience representing auto accident victims in West Virginia, Ohio and Pennsylvania. We understand exactly how age can impact a case and we build our legal strategies accordingly.

If you or a loved one has been hit by a teenage driver, our car crash attorneys can help. Was your teenage son or daughter a passenger hurt or killed because of a friend’s negligence behind the wheel? No matter what the situation, you can be confident in a Pittsburgh teen driver accident lawyer’s ability to get you the compensation you deserve.

Inexperienced Drivers and Auto Accidents

Teenagers have higher insurance premiums for a reason. They are inexperienced. They tend to have lower impulse control and inferior judgment. The increasing amount of distractions has not helped to reduce the rate of teen driving accidents. A significant percentage of distracted driving wrecks are teen driving accidents, thanks to cellphones, digital music players, video games and more. Teenagers are more likely to talk on or send text messages on cellphones while behind the wheel, meaning our teen driver crash attorneys in Pittsburgh must take greater care to review cellphone records and witness statements in these types of cases.

When Teenagers are the Victims of Motor Vehicle Accidents

The assumption should never automatically be made that, if a teenager was involved in an auto accident, the teenager is to blame for the accident. Teenagers may be victims as well, whether because of the negligence of a teenage friend who was driving the vehicle, or because of the negligence of the driver of another vehicle.

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