Pittsburgh Consumer Fraud Lawyer

False advertising, deceptive marketing, unfair and high-pressure sales tactics, telemarketing scams, and other schemes are used to part you, the consumer, from your hard-earned cash. Chances are you have experienced some aspect of consumer fraud already.

To help stamp out unfair and deceptive practices, all 50 states have enacted laws intended to protect consumers. Bordas & Bordas is determined to help consumers protect themselves from corporate greed. If you have been cheated in an act of fraud, contact a Pittsburgh consumer fraud lawyer. Our loyal consumer protection attorneys are prepared to help you seek the recovery you deserve.

Common Cases of Fraud in Pittsburgh

At Bordas & Bordas, we represent consumers in all types of fraud cases. Our law offices handle claims involving:

  • Deceptive advertising
  • Identity theft – also known as phishing schemes
  • Telemarketing fraud
  • Deceptive contract agreements

The Pittsburgh consumer fraud attorneys at Bordas & Bordas handle complex consumer protection cases. We have the resources to take on large companies and are committed to using the legal process to protect consumers who have been harmed by unfair, deceptive, and abusive business practices. Our experienced consumer fraud lawyers in Pittsburgh help clients through contract or common law claims that vindicate the rights of many fraud victims.

Call a Pittsburgh Consumer Fraud Attorney to Seek Justice

Have you been the victim of a bait and switch scam? The dedicated attorneys at Bordas & Bordas represent consumers in legal claims involving deceptive business practices. If you have questions regarding a consumer scam, contact a consumer fraud lawyer at our firm.