Pittsburgh Electric Power Liability Lawyer

The transmission of high-voltage electricity is a hazardous activity. When utility corporations transmit electricity in a haphazard or negligent fashion, electrocutions and fires are the predictable result. Bordas & Bordas has repeatedly been involved in cases with major injury and wrongful death as a result of the improper transmission of electricity by utility corporations. For example, in Stemple v. Allegheny Energy, our workplace injury attorneys comprehensively investigated power surges in the area of Preston County, West Virginia, that eventually caused a tragic fire, killing several home occupants, including children, and injuring many more.

Bordas & Bordas also obtained a major settlement in Stillwell v. Young Electric Company Inc. A particularly serious case arose in Miller v. American Electric Power when an electric utility negligently permitted young children access to one of its electrical towers, resulting in the electrocution and burning death of a Moundsville youth. A Pittsburgh electric power liability lawyer at our firm remains committed to bringing justice to the victims of utility company negligence.

The Dangers of Electric Power

The power of electricity requires that power lines and other sources of electricity are properly constructed, installed, and maintained. When electric utility companies fail to meet these requirements, the lives of innocent people are at risk.

Many of our clients have been injured while working or living near dangerous power lines. An electrical injury can have repercussions that last a lifetime. Electrical injuries can result in serious burn injuries, heart problems, nerve damage and, all too often, wrongful death.

Our Pittsburgh electric power liability attorneys have the experience, skill and resources to handle complex electrical accidents and to face the electric utility companies on your behalf. We are dedicated to helping you obtain full and fair compensation for the losses you have suffered.

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