Pittsburgh Child Injury Lawyer

At Bordas & Bordas, our lawyers bring decades of experience to child injury cases involving:

  • Playground accidents: At schools, day care centers and public parks, playground accidents can be the result of defective playground equipment or negligent supervision.
  • Sports-related accidents: School-sponsored or otherwise, youth sports like football and baseball can be dangerous if the equipment is defective or if coaches are not properly supervising and training the participants.
  • Swimming pool accidents: Backyard swimming pools should be properly fenced to prevent children from accessing them without proper supervision. If they are not, property owners may be responsible for any accidents that result.
  • Dog bites: While dog bites are not limited to children, it is children who tend to suffer the most damage when attacked by a dog.
  • Motor vehicle accidents: Children are frequently injured as passengers in motor vehicle accidents. They are also involved in bike accidents and school bus accidents.
  • Defective products: Children may be injured by defective products of all types, including child safety seats and dangerous toys.

How We Approach Child Personal Injury Cases

Even greater sensitivity is required when the child is the victim of an act of negligence. Our Pittsburgh child injury attorneys have the experience to know that a unique approach is necessary, simply because children are often not as adept at expressing themselves as adults. They may have difficulty explaining what happened and how the accident has had an impact on their lives. In order to effectively represent a child, we must get other people from the child’s life involved. We need witnesses who can accurately communicate how the child’s life has changed because of an accident. Witnesses are not limited to parents either. They may include teachers and other people who have regular contact with the child.

Our impressive record of verdicts and settlements demonstrates how serious we are about getting positive results in even the most challenging cases.

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