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You buy insurance to protect yourself against unexpected risks. If you are paying the premiums on your life, home, auto, or disability insurance policy, you have the right to expect benefits when you file a valid claim. Insurance companies are required by law to handle claims in good faith. Unfortunately, some insurers deny claims without reason or delay settlements unnecessarily.

At Bordas & Bordas, we represent the rights of consumers in insurance disputes. In a notable case against Personal Service Insurance Company, we helped a family obtain a record-setting $10 million verdict. Additionally, we have lectured on bad faith insurance practices and served as expert witnesses in insurance litigation.

If you have questions about your insurer’s conduct, get in touch with a Pittsburgh insurance bad faith lawyer. Our team of dedicated attorneys could investigate the matter to help you obtain your rightful benefits.

Good Versus Bad Faith Insurance Negotiation in Pittsburgh

An insurance policy is a type of contract. As with all other contracts, there is an implied agreement that both parties will act in good faith. When insurance companies and adjusters act in good faith, they promptly investigate claims and make full and reasonable payments when appropriate. Insurance companies should not unfairly raise premiums or deny claims.

However, insurance companies are businesses, and they will always look out for their own best interests. Insurers want to collect premiums and pay as little as possible in settlements to reach a higher profit margin. Thus, many insurance companies use deceptive and inappropriate practices when handling claims.

Identifying Inappropriate Conduct

How can you tell if you have been the victim of insurance company claim-handling misconduct? Have you experienced any of the following situations with your insurance company?

  • Failure to respond promptly to your inquiries
  • Seemingly endless forms to provide duplicative information
  • Misrepresentations in connection with the handling of your claim
  • Offers to settle your claim for less than what you believe is reasonable

An experienced local attorney could review the details of your insurance claim to determine whether the insurer has acted in bad faith.

Common Causes of Action in Bad Faith Insurance Claims

There are many deceitful acts that could lead to an insurance bad faith claim. Our lawyers have handled cases involving:

  • Denied claims without reasonable justification
  • Refusal to make a reasonable settlement offer
  • Unreasonably delayed settlements
  • Refusal to provide coverage
  • Refusal to pay (or promptly pay) life, health, auto, homeowners, or disability insurance policies
  • Failure to handle claims fairly, reasonably, and promptly
  • Unfair discrimination against certain classes of people

When your insurer mishandles your claim, it can have devastating financial consequences. If you suspect your insurer is acting in bad faith, talk to a lawyer in Pittsburgh right away. A seasoned legal professional could help you stand up for your rights.

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Have you paid for life, auto, home, or disability insurance only to discover the insurance company will not cover your claims? It may be in your best interest to call a Pittsburgh insurance bad faith lawyer.

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