Pittsburgh Stockbroker Fraud Lawyer

The business relationship between an investor and stockbroker is built on trust. It also assumes a level of professional responsibility based on the requests and financial needs of the investor. When a stockbroker violates his or her fiduciary duty, the long-term finances of the investor are put into jeopardy. The diligent consumer protection attorneys at Bordas & Bordas represent investors in claims against individual brokers and investment firms.

If your stock portfolio has been handled irresponsibly by a broker, contact a Pittsburgh stockbroker fraud lawyer to discuss your case in a free consultation.

Investment fraud • Breach of fiduciary duty • Stockbroker negligence

At Bordas & Bordas, we provide a powerful voice for retirees and investors approaching retirement who have suffered financial losses due to stockbroker negligence. Investment fraud attorneys at our Pittsburgh law office help investors in claims against unscrupulous stockbrokers including:

  • Churning – excessive trading in order to boost commissions
  • Unauthorized trading
  • Misrepresentation
  • Unsuitable investments- failure to consider the needs of the client
  • Misappropriation of investment funds

If you have concerns about the handling of your stock investments, contact an attorney with experience in stockbroker negligence and investment fraud. Bordas & Bordas provides free consultations.

Promises Our Pittsburgh Stockbrocker Fraud Attorneys Can Keep

Remember, each case rises and falls on its own merits. We cannot guarantee that any case will be successful, nor do we claim to win all of our cases. However, the firm does promise that each future client will receive the diligence and care Bordas & Bordas has devoted to all of its cases in the past. Contact a Pittsburgh stockbroker fraud lawyer today to get started.