Truskie v. Staunton Clinic

In Truskie v. Staunton Clinic, Ty Smith and Geoff Brown were able to help Stanley and Marianne Truskie seek justice for their son Mark Truskie. After Mark’s death on November 12, 2013, the Allegheny County coroner determined that he died from toxic levels of Celexa and Clozaril, two medications used to treat his mental illness. Mark’s psychiatrist, Dr. Grace Huang of the Staunton Clinic, prescribed both medications. The Truskie family was able to prove that Huang and the Staunton Clinic ignored two critically important FDA Safety Alerts regarding Celexa, a medication known to cause sudden cardiac death when prescribed above certain doses. As the evidence demonstrated, Huang and the Staunton Clinic prescribed Celexa to Mark at twice the allowable dose without ever informing the Truskie family of the FDA warnings or informing them about simple and safe tests that could be used to protect Mark from the increased risk of harm caused by his medications.