Pittsburgh Tire Defects Lawyer

The old saying about not putting the cart before the horse makes sense from a legal standpoint, particularly in auto product defect cases involving defective tires. At Bordas & Bordas, our seasoned auto defect attorneys understand the importance of securing all evidence prior to filing a lawsuit.

A Pittsburgh tire defects lawyer at our firm will move quickly to protect crucial evidence — particularly the tires themselves — from being destroyed, repaired, lost or otherwise made unavailable. That means issuing subpoenas and contacting police. When we make certain that all necessary evidence is within our reach, we bring in engineers and other experts to properly examine it. This approach has allowed us to build a strong record of positive verdicts and settlements.

Types of Tire Defects

Tires are not as simple as they appear to be. Defects in manufacturing or design could lead to tire tread separation. Perhaps the tire was made of poor materials, leading to a tire blowout.

Defects are not limited to tires themselves. A defect in any aspect of the wheel mechanism could lead to a motor vehicle accident. For example, defects in bearings or other wheel components could also lead to an accident. If there is any indication that a defect played a role in an accident, our Pittsburgh tire failure attorneys will investigate.

Defective Tire or Maintenance Issue?

When something goes wrong with a tire that leads to an auto accident, the assumption cannot be made that it was caused by a defect. We have handled cases in which the tire was perfectly fine when it left the factory. Mechanics have a responsibility to tell drivers when tires need to be replaced. If a mechanic fails to fulfill this responsibility and sends a driver out of the shop on bare tires, or if the mechanic does not install the tires properly, the mechanic may be held responsible if a motor vehicle accident occurs as a result. A Pittsburgh defective tire lawyer at our firm will thoroughly investigate an incident to determine who was to blame and hold that party accountable in court.

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