Roberts v. Murthy and Karpacs v. Murthy

The severe negligence of Anandhi Murthy cost Elizabeth Karpacs her life when Mrs. Karpacs came to the hospital with treatable conditions, and Murthy ignored her. Even though Murthy’s neglect had recently been the subject of an over-five-million-dollar verdict in Roberts v. Murthy, Dr. Murthy forced a separate case to trial and the jury again found her liable for medical negligence.

In the Roberts case, Murthy had severely mangled a gastrointestinal surgery, resulting in the Plaintiffs loss of her esophagus. The unreasonable positions of her insurance companies and attempts at misleading defenses remained the subject of multiple appeals, but ultimately, justice was done in the case. Both trials were handled by Geoff Brown, with Scott Blass assisting in Roberts and Chris Regan assisting in Karpacs.