Pittsburgh Bicycle Accident Lawyer

At Bordas & Bordas, our seasoned injury attorneys have decades of experience standing up for the rights of bicyclists hit by automobiles in West Virginia, Ohio and Pennsylvania. Bicycle accident cases are different from other motor vehicle accident cases in many ways, the most obvious being the increased frequency of life-changing injuries or fatalities. Bike riders are simply more vulnerable because they lack protection against an impact from a motor vehicle.

We understand the importance of working hard to maximize compensation for bike accident victims. If you or a loved one has been hit by a negligent driver, count on a Pittsburgh bicycle accident lawyer at our firm to review every opportunity to get you the compensation you need to move forward with your life.

Compensation for Adult and Child Bike Injury Victims

On the surface, all bicycle wrecks are similar. To an experienced bike crash attorney in Pittsburgh, a case involving an adult hit by a car while bicycling to work in the morning is going to unfold much differently than a case involving a child hit by a car while riding a bike out of the school playground at the end of the day. We have successfully handled personal injury and wrongful death cases of all types, as evidenced by our record of verdicts and settlements. Our dedicated attorneys know the unique nuances and challenges to be overcome in every case, regardless of the victim’s age.

Accidents Caused By Bicycle Defects

In addition to handling cases involving bicyclists hit by negligent drivers, we handle cases involving accidents caused by defective bicycles. These cases may involve brake defects, or manufacturing and assembling defects that lead to issues like wheels coming free from forks or handlebars coming free from stems. We have the experience to take action against bike manufacturers and hold them accountable for the damage they cause.

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Riding your bike through your neighborhood or down the street should be safe. Unfortunately, not all drivers take the necessary precautions or follow the traffic laws designed to protect bikers. If you were hurt in a crash, you have a right to hold the negligent party accountable for your losses. Call a Pittsburgh bicycle accident lawyer at our firm today to get started on your claim.