Try it Tuesday

Try it Tuesday

Have you ever heard of Try It Tuesday?

The first saying that comes to my mind for is Taco Tuesday. Perhaps my brain stops there because the idea of a comfy Mexican dish on any given Tuesday gets my seal of approval. I’ve heard other labels like Manic Monday; Wednesday Hump Day; Throwback Thursday; Thank God it’s Friday; and a few others about our days of the week.

Honestly, I never thought much more beyond it — until now. Looking at my calendar, I realized my least favorite month, February, is nearly over, even with that added day for the Leap Year. Immediately, I sighed, realizing I was pleasantly surprised how fast it had gone. I did schedule some travel this month, so this February was better than some in the past. My thought processes then took me to — how can I make my least favorite day of the week more interesting, like regularly? That’s TUESDAY.

Tuesdays are generally at the top of my drab day list and for no particular reason. Then, I heard the term Try it Tuesday. I apologize if I am behind the times, but I hadn’t heard it before. Try it Tuesday stuck with me because I now look forward to something new on a Tuesday. It adds some positivity and a bit of fun to the drabbest day of the week for me.

The popularity of Tuesday has some divided. They say workers are most productive on a Tuesday. Many stores re-stock on Tuesdays and Tuesday is a relief to some once they get past Monday. For me, Tuesday just wasn’t exciting enough. I am going to make a change to improve my outlook on Tuesday.

What to do for Try it Tuesday? Try it Tuesday can be alone or an event for the family, office or the neighborhood. The list is endless. To make your Tuesdays into Terrific Tuesday, some things came to my mind, and I would make a calendar of things to do on a Try it Tuesday.

  1. Food recipes. Let the kids cook dinner for a change.
  2. New clothing item, accessory, or entirely new look altogether. Step out of your shell.
  3. A different route in your exercise routine. Challenge yourself.
  4. Stay up late as if it’s a Saturday night. Who cares about the rest of the week now? Let’s simply enjoy our Tuesday.
  5. Games, crafts, competitions. Who knows? Someone may discover a new talent.

The point is to make it a day to look forward to having fun in whatever way you choose to celebrate your Try it Tuesday. Finding the positives; finding the opportunities for bonding moments; laughing at ourselves when we discover we can’t do what we thought all along; or even whatever held us back before now will be your latest hobby.

Each day we must make a difference, share a smile, and enjoy a good laugh with no exceptions. I no longer will view Tuesday as just that day of the week. My Try it Tuesday will now come to my mind as Turn it Around Tuesday with the end goal that every Tuesday will be a Terrific Tuesday.