Supreme Court Posts

Getting Ready for LAWS Day!

On Tuesday, October 29, the Supreme Court will hear arguments in Logan County, West Virginia as part of its LAWS Program.  I have the privilege of working with a group of homeschoolers from the Wheeling area.  We can’t make the trip to Logan County because of the distance.  However, the Court’s live webcast of its arguments will make it possible for us to participate remotely. 

We met for the first time a week ago to learn about West Virginia’s court system, the work of the Supreme Court, and the Court’s history.  This week we’ll meet again to discuss the cases scheduled for argument on the 29th.  The first case involves the sentencing options available in the kidnapping case.  Next, the Court will consider a case where a student was injured on school premises while skipping class.  The case raises issues of duty and immunity.  Finally, the Court will hear a case raising the question of when an employee can lawfully exercise his right of self-defense.

My homeschoolers are excited to have the opportunity to read briefs from real cases, discuss the issues, and predict how the arguments will go.  I’ll be writing again after the arguments to tell you about their experience.