Pittsburgh School Bus Accident Lawyer

Bordas & Bordas has decades of experience handling school bus accidents in West Virginia, Ohio and Pennsylvania. These cases are different from other auto accidents, because they may involve taking action against the school bus driver, the school bus company, or the school district. Our bus collision attorneys vast experience allows us to quickly analyze each case, determine who caused the accident, and take the appropriate steps to get compensation for the victim. Our impressive record of verdicts and settlements is proof of our ability to overcome all challenges. Get in touch with a Pittsburgh school bus accident lawyer today to learn more.

Children and School Bus Stop Accidents

Many cases involve children getting hit before boarding the school bus or after exiting the school bus. These are essentially a unique type of pedestrian accident.

Our Pittsburgh school bus wreck attorneys are committed to holding negligent drivers accountable when they fail to stop for a school bus. School busses are equipped with stop signs and flashing red lights. It is clear that everyone on the road must stop while children get on or off the bus. People who ignore the signs and lights have no excuse. If they hit a child, they must pay.

Our experience has taught us that motorists ignoring signs and lights are not always the only cause of a school bus accident. We have seen cases in which school bus drivers are at fault for stopping at inappropriate locations. Stopping in a place that forces children to cross the street in a high traffic area is dangerous. School bus drivers and their employers may be held accountable when failure to choose a safe stop leads to a child being hit by a car.

Motor Vehicles Hit By School Buses

Our school bus crash lawyers in Pittsburgh also handle cases in which other motor vehicles are hit by school buses. The sheer size and weight of a school bus means these accidents are more likely to result in life-changing injuries or fatalities. We pursue compensation for pain and suffering, medical bills, lost wages and more, taking action against the school bus company or school district.

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