Verizon Services Corporation v. Loretta K. Epling

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Verizon Services Corporation appeals a circuit court order that found respondent-employee, Loretta K. Epling, was not disqualified from receiving unemployment benefits despite the fact that Ms. Epling voluntarily quit her job because Verizon changed her work hours from the day shift to the evening shift, and respondent did not have childcare for her young children during the evening shift. The circuit court reversed WorkForce West Virginia's Board of Review's ruling that Ms. Epling was disqualified from receiving unemployment benefits because her union had negotiated a collective bargaining agreement with Verizon that allowed Verizon to change an employee's work hours to accommodate its business needs, and because Verizon told Ms. Epling, before she started working at Verizon, that her work hours could be changed at any time.