State of W. Va. v. Jessica Marie Tingler

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Defendant, convicted of Operating a Clandestine Drug Laboratory and Conspiracy by jury, appeals circuit court order sentencing her to serve consecutive 2-10, 1-5 year terms in prison, arguing the circuit court erred by forcing a Defendant who was not competent due to drug abuse prior to the trial to go to trial after she tested positive for several drugs, that the circuit court erred by not suppressing the evidence obtained as a result of an illegal search of Defendant's residence, that the circuit court erred when it allowed improper expert testimony by Erin Feazell, a chemist from the WV State Police Crime Laboratory, as to the identity of certain substances without a proper foundation, and that the circuit court erred by not granting the Defendant's Motion to Dismiss for Failure of the State to prove a prima facie case on the charge of conspiracy.