Christian and Elizabeth Harper v. Jackson Hewitt, Inc.

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The United States District Court for the Southern District of West Virginia, Huntington Division, presents the following questions for certification to this Court:

1. "Does a tax preparer who receives compensation, either directly from the borrower or in the form of payments from the lending bank, for helping a borrower obtain a refund anticipation loan meet the statutory definition of a credit services organization, or "CSO," (W.Va. Code § 46A-6C-2(a)), and do the borrowers in such a transaction meet the definition of a buyer (id. § 46A-6C-1(1))?

2. Is the appropriate limitations period for actions alleging violations of the CSO statutes (id. § 46A-6C-1 et seq.) and the statutory prohibition on unfair or deceptive acts or practices (id. § 46A-6-104) four years under West Virginia Code § 46A-5-101(1), or one year under the general limitation period in West Virginia Code § 55-2-12?

3. Are the contractual agency disclaimers in the refund anticipation loan applications enforceable under West Virginia law?

4. Is a tax preparer who helps a customer obtain a refund anticipation loan in exchange for compensation an agent under West Virginia law?"