The Year of YES

The Year of YES

With a new year, there are plenty of new experiences that lie ahead for everyone. New experiences can be scary. But imagine the new insight you’ll obtain by trying new things, just say YES!

I discovered the Theory of Yes from an old TED Talk by Shonda Rhimes. She talked about this new theory she applied to her life and it was simply saying “yes” to everything. Things you would typically say “no” to just replace it with a “yes.” This theory drastically changed her life. When her children asked her to play with them, she said yes. When public speaking opportunities were offered, she said yes. She overcame her fear of public speaking and learned more about her children, all by simply saying yes. How amazing is it that the shift of just one word could change your entire life? To take it a step further, how amazing is it that just words can truly affect your life. It incredible the power words hold. Speak positively and you should obtain positive results.

Good luck in all your endeavors this year and years to come!

Image courtesy of Unsplash.

Today's blog: How are your New Year's resolutions coming along?! Have you thought about adding one that seems simple but could be harder to execute - just saying 'yes'?