Words from Geoff Brown, USMA 1994, on Veterans Day

Words from Geoff Brown, USMA 1994, on Veterans Day

In honor of Veterans Day 2013, Bordas & Bordas is proud to re-post the following blog entry from partner Geoff Brown, USMA 1994. Our thanks go to Geoff and all of our nation's veterans on this national day of remembrance.

Today is Veterans Day, which always causes me to remember my own service with the United States Army. When I think back to that time in my life, I am proud to Geoff Brown headshot.jpgbe able to say that I did a small part toward making sure that this world is a safer place. I consider myself very lucky to have served with some of the most dedicated young men and women any of us could ever hope to meet. These soldiers came from every corner of the country and from every imaginable background. Every one of them was able to put aside things that may have divided them at home in favor of serving the United States in uniform. We rightly call those who serve heroes for all of the right reasons. We rightly call them heroes because they make us safer.

I recently had a chance to speak about the meaning of Veterans Day to the students at St. Vincent DePaul Parish School here in Wheeling. What I told them was that they should strive to recognize the heroes that they meet in their everyday lives. The students at that school do not have the opportunity to meet the men and women of our armed forces on a daily basis, but they do get a chance to interact with their teachers, coaches, parents, and volunteers. I told them that at its best, our military uses its strength to stick up for the less fortunate people of the world who would otherwise be trampled by powerful predators. That is exactly what I did with the Army when we were called on to flag55.jpg enforce the peace in war torn Bosnia. The heroes in the lives of these children are those who make them safer.

I am very proud of the fact that I work in a profession and at a law firm that gives me the chance to use the lessons that I learned in the military on a daily basis. Bordas & Bordas sticks up for the families of individuals by protecting their legal rights against powerful corporations and insurance companies. That is what we do. Bordas & Bordas is able to do this because we have the resources to win. With some of the most accomplished attorneys in the country in areas like workplace safety, medical malpractice, lender liability, and insurance misconduct, we also have the experience to win. Given the dedication of our attorneys to this mission, it is not surprising that our lawyers are also known for giving back to the community. From my own service on the Pastoral Counsel at St. Vincent's and the Board of Directors at Youth Services System to the many works of charity performed by Bordas & Bordas and its attorneys, it is our privilege to be able to give something back to the community every chance we get.

We are all in this together. Any time powerful interests put profits over people without being forced to confront the consequences of their decisions, the safety of ever one of us is threatened. At Bordas & Bordas, we are proud to have the experience, skill, reputation, and resources to stand up to these powerful interests to seek justice for our clients and a safer world for every one.