When Do You Need A Lawyer?

When Do You Need A Lawyer?

When Do You Need A Lawyer?

To many people, the thought of hiring a lawyer is an intimidating idea they would like to avoid. Many people are of the opinion that they can resolve an issue or work out a problem on their own without legal assistance. In some situations, this may in fact be true. However, there are many situations as outlined below in which obtaining legal representation is your best option:

  1. When the laws that you are dealing with are complicated.

For example, if you are running your own business and needing legal assistance with contracts, HR issues, tax dilemmas, and/or other areas that require specific expertise – it is helpful to retain an attorney who is familiar with the area of law at hand who can help you navigate any nuances so as to ensure you are in full compliance with constantly changing laws and to avoid other issues that may arise rather than to incur the costs of doing this research and work on your own;

  1. When you are dealing with individuals who have an upper hand in the situation.

This type of scenario is often at play when a person is dealing with insurance companies - whether that be in regard to a property damage claim, an automobile accident, a claim for life insurance benefits, etc. In these situations, the insurance companies who hold the money or benefits you are requesting will often try to control the situation or do what they can to avoid having to pay you what you deserve. Having an attorney who handles these situations and who can negotiate on your behalf is beneficial as you will likely make out better in the end than if you had dealt with the situation on your own.

  1. When you are dealing with complicated procedural requirements.

Whether you are involved with a criminal matter, disputing an issue with the DMV, or some other type of board or appeal panel– it is often helpful to retain an attorney who can gather evidence, call witnesses, and ensure certain procedural requirements are met so that your interests are well represented and a procedural mistake is not made on your part which can prove fatal to the interest or right that you are trying to protect.

  1. When you are partaking in estate planning or trying to work out child custody issues.

Matters that involve these two areas of the law are very personal and often emotional. Hiring an attorney to assist you with estate planning type matters and child custody issues is often in your best interest as attorneys can think in a level headed manner and can see the overall picture at hand which can then enable them to assist you in preparing for the future or working out an issue with a relative that you could otherwise not do so on your own.

  1. If you know you are going to be sued or are planning to take legal action.

It is never a bad idea to consult with an attorney when you know that you are soon going to be involved in legal action. The legal system can be complicated and handling a legal matter on your own can be time consuming as well as frustrating without having the experience of an attorney to assist you with your legal matter.

In sum, contacting an attorney who is well experienced in the area of law in which you are dealing is never a bad idea so as to ensure that your interests and rights are protected.