What do you Want First – the Good News or the Bad News?

What do you Want First – the Good News or the Bad News?

What do you Want First – the Good News or the Bad News?

Have you ever had the thought—what if the news channels selected a time period in which they completely blocked off all communications surrounding the tragedies the world experienced daily?

Would that shift be enough to divert your attention from the toxic negativity to the more productive and rewarding news making a substantial impact upon each of us as individuals and who we are as people in our communities?

Think about it. You may be having a perfectly normal day, content with your life as it relates to your inner circle and then you see on the news. Story after story—catastrophic news—a series of unfortunate events. Immediately, you are affected and sometimes you are completely unaware of what that affect has made upon you. Maybe you suddenly feel low. Maybe you aren’t as comfortable going places in public, travelling, or suddenly you aren’t sleeping quite the way you ought to? Feelings that take away from the experiences that allow us to have a more carefree outlook on the world and our personal surroundings, thus changing who we are. Every action has a reaction. I believe we could all benefit from a little more exposure to positivity.

Regularly, the news is overtaken by scandals, acts of criminals, terrorists, and it affects all aspects of who we are as human beings. Whether it bring someone’s inner being down or even has a bit more sinister affect encouraging a mentally ill person to be publicized as a copycat criminal. Do we even know who we really are anymore?

How long would it take for communities to reap the benefits of the renewed and uplifted individuals if we changed what we were surrounded by for a period of time? A day? A week, month, or year?

Sadly, the people out there doing good aren’t getting the recognition they deserve but because they are good, they don’t expect it. I’d like to see that change too. Showing appreciation should be a priority.

Now, I am not blaming the media. It’s not their fault. These are the top stories. These are the top stories that draw people in, and they watch. It’s tough to just walk away from a breaking story that gives you a bird’s eye view; promising to see the photos and get the scoop on the latest scandal or crime. People struggle to walk away. Naturally, this has an impact on our everyday lives. Our communities need to turn the tables, setting examples, encouraging the heroes; placing less focus on the darkness that seems to want the spotlight.

We need an adjustment. Let’s expose ourselves to more positives, find the silver lining in the clouds that may surround us. Who knows, perhaps it just might wear off on us and we can all be better people as a community perhaps making a difference small or large, who knows, but collectively, we can make a difference as a whole. Afterall, every action has a reaction.

It’s your choice. Do you want the good news or the bad news?