Ways to Give Back During the Holiday Season

Ways to Give Back During the Holiday Season

Ways to Give Back During the Holiday Season

The holiday season is the season for giving back. However, with the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, you may be wondering exactly how you can give back while remaining safe during these times. We have come up with some ideas as to how exactly to do that this year:

  1. Thank essential workers – whether that be via social media or by reaching out to those you know personally. These workers have been through such tough unprecedented times and your gratitude towards them should be shared this holiday season.

  1. Grocery shop for the vulnerable population – Ask your elderly neighbors or friends or those you know who are compromised and more at risk during the pandemic if you can go to the grocery store for them to alleviate this burden. This small gesture can mean so much.

  1. Donate food and toys – Many families are struggling more than ever this year because of job loss and other hardships brought about by the pandemic. If you can manage to, donate food, toys and other items to those in need.

  1. Prepare food and help with deliveries – Many communities gather together during the holidays to deliver meals to those in need. See if you can make a delivery to those in your community this holiday season.

  1. Send holiday cards to individuals at nursing homes who will not be able to see family and friends this year – Many nursing homes are not allowing visitors because of the pandemic, which causes hardship to those who will remain there during the holidays. Sending a holiday card to these individuals will go a long way.

  1. Support small businesses by buying gift cards or purchasing to-go meals -- The restaurant business has been significantly impacted because of the restrictions and regulations that have been put in place during the pandemic. It is important we come together to help these businesses out.

  1. Share recipes online -- This is a great idea for those who must remain inside during this time. Sharing a recipe online not only allows you to communicate and connect with others, but it also provides a way to share your gifts and ideas with others. Who doesn’t love seeing new recipes shared around the holidays?

While it may be harder to give back this year, we hope the above gives you some ideas for helping the community this holiday season!