Want to Get More Out of Your Experiences? Just Ask!

Want to Get More Out of Your Experiences? Just Ask!

We live in a world where information is readily available to us almost all of the time. We are able to instantly answer any question that we have by pulling out our phone, and can extensively research any topic, big or small. This is a great resource when you need a quick answer – for example, if you are driving in an unfamiliar location and need to find a gas station, or when you are at the store and can’t remember the last couple of ingredients in a recipe. But having this type of information available can actually sometimes cause us to cut ourselves short because we focus on getting the answers that we think that we want instead of finding out what all of our options may be. 

Nowadays, people tend to plan ahead on everything that they do. If they are shopping for something new, they will do online searches for the type of products they want. They will read dozens of reviews, good and bad, about the products, and look at photographs to compare colors and styles. They will see what kind of prices they can get from different websites or stores, then typically either order that product directly from a website or go straight into the store knowing exactly what they want, making it a quick trip to purchase that item and get back on their way. The same is often true for restaurants or vacation destinations. Research into the place’s Facebook, Yelp, Google, or TripAdvisor pages will be done, the menu will have been scanned in advance, and sometimes a virtual tour of hotel rooms or the location is even an option. While all of this can help save time and help make an informed decision, it might cause you to miss out. 

Many stores, salons, restaurants, and vacation destinations employ individuals who are experienced, informed and passionate about their line of work. These places generally want to put their best foot forward to customers, and make sure you have a good experience. You might think that you are ordering the best item on the menu based on your own review – but if you ask a waiter or bartender, they might give you information that could be relevant to your decision, such as the portion size or an option of combining certain foods that you didn’t even realize that you had. They might suggest a great drink to go with your meal. You may be turned on to a local destination on your vacation that most tourists would not know to visit. Many salons and beauty product stores are happy to provide samples or let you test the products in the store and can offer guidance about which products you might like best based on your questions or information you give a salesperson or stylist about yourself. Employees at bike shops or other sporting gear stores often enjoy the very types of activities for which they are selling products and can give personal feedback. From talking to employees at the store, you may also learn of sales or deals available to regular customers or at special events, or that are not publicly advertised. 

While it can be helpful to use your phone to do your own research into shopping, dining or making other purchases, sometimes it's worth a try to do it the old-fashioned way and ask for advice in person! You never know what you might learn or find.

Today's blog: We live in a world where information is readily available to us almost all of the time. Our phones or tablets are readily available for a quick Google search to find a convenience store nearest to our vacation rental or we can quickly make a few taps and book a dinner reservation. Read our blog today to see what else you can do at the touch of your fingers...times sure are changing!