The Valuable Lessons of Youth Sports

The Valuable Lessons of Youth Sports

One of the things that we are proud to fight for at Bordas & Bordas is the youth of our community. One aspect of this commitment is our dedication to youth sports.Geoff Brown small portrait headshot.jpg This is a very important commitment to me personally. Not only do my own kids participate in various athletic programs in the Ohio Valley, but I also know from my time as a Cadet at the United States Military Academy at West Point how important athletics are to the development of our young people. As General Douglas MacArthur (USMA Class of 1903) said, "Upon the fields of friendly strife are sown the seeds that on other fields on other days will bear the fruits of victory.:

General MacArthur's point was that the lessons of sport, learned on the "fields of friendly strife," teach teamwork, perseverance, and discipline. Those lessons bear fruit no matter what the future holds for our children.

I have a special relationship to the youth football program at Corpus Christi Schoolgeoffblog.jpg in Warwood. For the past three years, Corpus Christi and St. Vincent's have combined forces to play 5th and 6th grade football. The program has been remarkably successful under Head Coaches Steve Vogrin and Kevin Heller. I have had the privilege of helping Steve and Kevin coach the teams that my two oldest boys, Patrick and Kyle, played on. They've learned great lessons about toughness and teamwork that are hard to learn in any other sport.

This year, the CCS Crusaders needed new football helmets and it made me very proud when Bordas & Bordas volunteered to donate all of the money necessary to allow the Corpus Christi Boosters to buy new helmets for all of the players.

The Corpus Christi Boosters released the following statement regarding the helmet donation: "The Corpus Christi Boosters organization is grateful to Bordas & Bordas for their generous donation of football helmets for our 5th and 6th grade football team. With all the attention that we put player safety, their donation enabled us to provide our kids with the most modern football helmets on the market. The safety of our kids is our biggest concern and Bordas & Bordas helped us protect our kids." The donation will help to keep our kids safe for years to come and serves as just another example of the generosity of Bordas & Bordas when it comes to our community, our athletics, and our kids.