Tips For a Stress Free Vacation

Tips For a Stress Free Vacation

Tips For a Stress Free Vacation

Summer is in full swing, which means it is vacation time!  Vacation is supposed to be exciting and fun. A time to get away from all the stresses, and spend quality time with family and friends.  However, along with all of the excitement and fun, often comes worry.  The worry of keeping your home safe while you’re away.  Here are some helpful tips that you can do prior to leaving for your vacation that can help lessen that worry.

1.         Don’t broadcast that you are out of town and/or on vacation on social media.

2.         Set timers on interior lights, if possible, so that it appears that you are home.

3.         Make sure all your doors and windows are locked.

4.         Do not leave spare keys hidden around the house.

5.         Stop the delivery of your mail and newspapers, so as not to alert people that you are out of town.

6.         Leave a car in the driveway for people to see.

7.         Secure valuables in a locked safe (including things like your social security information, etc….).

8.         If you have a security system or cameras, make sure they are working properly and can easily be seen.

9.         Have a family member, friend or neighbor keep an eye on your home while you are away. 

10.        Shut Off, Turn Down or Unplug all unnecessary utilities and/or appliances.

11.       If you are really concerned, you could always hire a house sitter.

Hopefully, everyone has a wonderful and safe vacation!  Happy Travels!