Tips for Keeping Our Furry Friends Cool in the Summer

Tips for Keeping Our Furry Friends Cool in the Summer

Tips for Keeping Our Furry Friends Cool in the Summer

For most of us, our pets are like family. As a dog lover and owner, I can definitely say our Maggie Mae is part of our family. We love her so much and want to do everything to keep her safe and healthy. Maggie is an older dog, as she will be turning 12 years old in October. I noticed as it has started to get warmer this summer that she is having more trouble coping with the heat than in past years. It may be because of her age, in part, but dogs also tend to overheat easily, so we need to be aware of signs they may be overheated. Some things to look for are panting, disorientation, change in the color of their gums, collapsing and vomiting/diarrhea. 

So, as the summer heat gets hotter, here are some tips to keep your dog cool in the summer heat.

1.         Provide them shade and encourage them to stay in the shade.

2.         Make sure they have plenty of fresh cold water to drink.

3.         Have damp towels for them to lie on.

4.         Keep a baby pool with water, so they can lay down or cool off.

5.         Limit their exercise/play time to early morning or evening when it is cooler outside.

6.         Take water for them to drink when going for a walk.

6.         Do not leave them in a parked car in the heat, even with the windows cracked.

7.         Make frozen treats for them to enjoy.

8.         Avoid walking them on hot pavement, as their pads can be sensitive.

9.         Purchase cooling products for dogs, such as a cooling vest, cooling pet bed, cooling toys, etc….

10.       Keep your house cool if your pets are inside.

Hopefully, everyone remembers to keep their furry best friends cool this summer and most of all safe! Happy summer everyone!