The Three Ring Circus of Dogs When You Come to Our Home 

The Three Ring Circus of Dogs When You Come to Our Home 

As many of you know, I have a love for animals, especially dogs. The one thing that everyone needs to know when you come to visit us, well let’s just say you will be chased up our driveway by four dogs all wanting your attention so when you stop your car and try to get out, they will jump on your car, on you and sometimes in your car if they feel they can get you to pet them first. Four dogs coming at you can be a bit overwhelming when they all want your attention and want to give you a loving welcome. I love to have people over and when they are coming for a visit, I always warn them about our four-legged, tail wagging, awesome children. We have two Wheaten Terriers that are brothers and they are the sweetest dogs on earth, nicknamed the “boys” here at Bordas & Bordas when they have come in to work to earn their keep of treats, our black lab mix who was abused, has trust issues and very stand offish he will warm up to you on his terms, he was a rescue from Greenbriar County Animal Shelter and our fourth boy is a labradoodle (he’s more of a Irish Wolf Hound Doodle he’s so big) he has no manners whatsoever, but we’re working on that, he was a rescue from Marshall County Animal Shelter - both counties are here in West Virginia. All four have different personalities and having them all together can sometimes get out of control. Sometimes I feel like the ring master at the circus with all of them, but at the end of every day I thank God for each of them. I’m so very blessed that I have them and they all like to sleep bed with me to keep me safe from whatever is living in my room at night. Why would I say something is living in my room? Well they all bark at something that I can’t see at least three to four times a night, so I’m thinking this barking must be at something in the room and they feel that they are protecting me in the night. What other explanation could there be, right??? The Good Lord knows that dogs just don’t bark for no good reason when you’re trying to get sleep, unless they are protecting you from something??? I thank them every morning as I’m getting out of bed like a zombie for keeping me safe all though the night. I’m only being funny about something living in my room at night, I know that they hear noises outside, or when someone gets up to use the bathroom in the middle of the night or someone is making a midnight snack in the kitchen. 

One of my favorite things is when I call them to all to come in and they act like they can’t hear me but open a piece of cheese that has a wrapper on it, and they will come running from a mile away!!! Funny stuff!! I’m very blessed that these dogs have chosen me and my family to live with, not everyone deserves a good dog, but every dog deserves a good home. Take care of you animals and they will take care of you. To them you are their whole world, and they would do whatever it would take to keep you and your family safe. 

So if you knock on my door or ring the doorbell be ready to hear barking, screaming, running and more screaming and plan on waiting a few minutes for me to get to the door, because get 4 dog calmed down enough to open the door is a real challenge and then when they see you, well let’s just say it becomes a three ring circus all over again. Never a dull moment at our house on any given day. 

Please remember to Adopt don’t Shop and Dog Fighting in not a sport, it is abuse and needs to be reported to the local authorities. 

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Today's blog: Do you have more than one dog? If so, you likely have the same ordeal that Jeanne does with a three ring circus of dogs at her house every day! She wouldn't change it for the world, though! What do you love most about dogs?