There’s No Place Like Home

There’s No Place Like Home

Want to go to the movies? How about a concert and grab a bite to eat? Better yet, want to send the kids to school or take the family to church?

All the above-mentioned activities should be a joyful experience feeding into our liveliness and affording us the opportunities to eagerly look forward to while relaxing and having some fun.

Sadly, it’s just not that way anymore.

I cannot remember the last time I watched the nightly news; turned on the television first thing in the morning or listened to the radio simply to hear of yet another tragedy where someone was harmed or killed at a special event or just living their everyday lives in what should be some of the safest and most sacred locations.

When is this going to stop and how is this going to stop?

My plea is for people to step back and realize we are all here for the same purpose. We are all intertwined someway; somehow. We share the commonality of being human beings.

No matter, race, religion, economical status; sexual preference, we all have minds and bodies. While mostly everyone goes through life developing some sort of imperfection caused from an experience they may have had or came from that damaged them in one way or another, overcoming these are what true life-warriors do. 

We don’t act out and certainly don’t disrupt the lives of others to feel our pain for us; we face it head on.

Life is not fair. No one said it would be. Life is not easy. Some are dealt a nicer hand to start with while others may have to climb a little higher, but it can be done.

Don’t let people and circumstances that have caused you to stumble cause you to cave by being a coward by harming others because of your own pain.

Moreover, what can we all do to help each other be better human beings? Let’s feed each other’s souls. We all need it. Be someone’s cheerleader. Be a true human that cares for others. Admit your faults and own them. Instead of pushing someone to the verge of insanity to take some heat off of facing your own misgivings, use them to share your experiences and help to sustain someone in need.

Each person, family, neighbor, and community need to come together and take a stand. A stand that says this is not okay. The power of words can make or break a person’s soul. Help build it up and protect the fragile state of our spirits and of others. Be someone’s rock to lean on and find one for you to turn to as well.

Changing the world doesn’t happen overnight, but we can start inside our own homes. We can begin with those whose lives we encounter and those who encounter ours. Selflessness is huge tool and using it can make an enormous impact on ourselves and for others.

Get active by becoming proactive. Speak up loudly but speak up with kindness. Set an example for your children and the adults in your life. Make someone’s day. If we all undertook making small changes, little by little, perhaps along the way, you just may save a life or make a positive impressionable statement for someone truly down and in pain.

One thing is for sure, we cannot allow ourselves to look away. Let’s not pretend this isn’t our problem. It’s a community problem, it’s a nationwide problem and we must come together to stand up for change. Let’s help stop this violence. Be a positive influence today!

Life these days can be somewhat scary and with all the tragic events happening in the world, it's hard to have a positive outlook! In today's blog, Erin Dodd encourages us to face danger and be the change we need to see.