A Terrific Vacation Spot

A Terrific Vacation Spot

I just got back from vacation at the Outer Banks. I went with my son and his family. We didn’t go last year because of Covid, but everything is back to business this year. The ocean is definitely my happy place. I feel at peace there. I am all for sitting in my beach chair and not moving unless I’m hungry or tired. If your idea of vacation is to relax at the beach, I definitely recommend the Outer Banks as a vacation spot.

Although I don’t need to go on any excursions while I’m there, I do go to Ocracoke Island to shop and get lunch. The ferry ride is an hour long but it’s very peaceful, usually. This year there was some excitement on the ferry coming back. Our ferry was tooting its horn repeatedly. I never did find out what was happening, but I suspect another ferry wasn’t taking its turn. Whatever happened, by the look of the captain’s face, he was really mad. He went racing down the stairs to whatever is kept down below -- perhaps the communication center. My daughter-in-law wasn’t impressed. She has been there many times with her parents, and she said nothing like that had ever happened before.

I also have to give North Carolina a shout out for its seafood. The shrimp was awesome! Also, I had a bite of crab cake. It melted in my mouth. It was fantastic. Next year, I will be getting my own crab cakes and more shrimp. I don’t get to eat those things at home because my youngest is allergic to seafood, anaphylaxis allergic, not just breaking out in hives.  He loves seafood so I never buy it because that would be mean to eat it when he can’t. Plus, I’m not sure if he can even touch it or be around it. The doctor said not to take any chances, so I don’t.

In any case, I can’t wait for next year. I never get tired of lazing on the beach and playing with the grandkids in the surf. They love the beach as much as I do. We also decided to do one new thing each year, when we can manage to pull ourselves away from the ocean, so we are going to climb one of the lighthouses. It will be fun to look out at the ocean from high up. It gives us all something to look forward to, especially when winter sets in!

So, stay tuned for next summer! I’ll be sure to update everyone on what we did and the fun we had.

Today, Sally Blon shares why the Outer Banks is a great vacation destination.