Take Advantage of your Time at Home

Take Advantage of your Time at Home

Take Advantage of your Time at Home

Having worked on oil-and-gas related matters for the majority of my career, I can say I quite frequently meet individuals who just haven’t had the time to review their oil and gas leases, their right-of-way agreements, their declarations of pooling and/or their royalty statements.

Well, the current public health issues have afforded most of us with a tremendous amount of time at home. I don’t want to say “free time” because working from home and home schooling our kids is anything but stress “free.”

With, however, recreation, sports practices and shopping largely shut down, we do have some additional time of which we can take advantage. And I’d encourage everyone who has signed oil and gas leases, right of way agreements or any other type of legal document with a mineral company to gather those documents. Take the time to read through them -- even if it is for the first or the 10thtime doing so. You might find things you don’t understand or don’t remember.

You might find the company you dealt with has not lived up to their end of the bargain. You might simply find a better understanding of your rights.

This may be a great time and opportunity for you to reach out to an attorney to talk through any questions or issues.

At Bordas & Bordas, PLLC, we might not be in our normal offices and in our normal routines, but we are still her to help and consult. We take great advantage of the myriad of technological avenues to continue to talk with new and existing clients about their cases.

We hope you are staying safe and taking seriously our community goals of slowing the spread of the Covid-19 virus. We urge you to take the additional time at home to spend some much needed and long overdue quality time with your family.

If, however, you get the chance to review your oil and gas documents, please feel free to give Bordas & Bordas a call to discuss them.