Summer Social Distancing Activities

Summer Social Distancing Activities

Summer Social Distancing Activities

Summer is a time to be outside with your friends and family and enjoy the beautiful weather. As we navigate a summer during Covid-19, though, it’s important to practice the safety precautions advised to us.

Mainly, it’s crucial to wear a mask in public areas and practice social distancing. In an effort to be safe during these uncertain times, here are some summer social distancing activities that you, your family and friends can partake in to have a fun, unique and safe summer experience.

1.         Plant a Garden

Planting a garden can be a therapeutic exercise to try this summer. Not only is gardening a relaxing outdoor activity, it also enables you to grow your own vegetables for consumption. Your dinner will be that much more rewarding knowing you grew the vegetables yourself.

2.         Outdoor Exercising

Taking your workouts outdoors can be a great way to enjoy the weather and stay physically fit. Whether that is ramping up the amount of cardio you are doing or taking a set of dumbbells outside, moving your workouts outside will allow you to embrace the summer heat and generate more sweat. Also, you could go on a long walk with your family and friends, while social distancing, to enjoy the sun.

3.         Reading Outside

Some may enjoy curling up on their couch and indulging in a good book. Next time you open your book, though, try reading it outside. Not only would reading outside be a change of scenery, the outdoors will provide you with subtle background noise that can make your reading experience more enjoyable.

4.         Having a Bonfire

Inviting your family and friends over for a bonfire can be a great outdoor activity while practicing social distancing. Sitting around a bonfire fosters great conversation among all in attendance. Also, having the ability to make a few s’mores always helps!

5.         Try a New Game or Sport

Whether it is trying an outdoor game you’ve never played before or making one up, playing outdoor games is a great way to enjoy the sun and to stay active. You never know, maybe you’ll find your new passion!

Although this summer is unlike the rest, it is still a great time of year. As you embark on your summer activities, please make sure to wear a mask, social distance and stay safe.