The Stress of Traffic

The Stress of Traffic

When will route 70 and route 79 ever be done? I know it will not be in my lifetime. As I travel and sit in traffic there is a game that we all play, “the hurry up and wait” game. Traffic starts moving along and bam, you must slam on the brakes and sit and wait some more. It is enough to drive anyone of us insane. When there is one lane closed ahead, why do cars and trucks block one of the lanes? Use both lanes until you merge, then alternate to get in the one lane that is opened. That is just my opinion.

Then there is the “RED YIELD SIGN” why do people feel they can just pull out when this sign is there? The red yield is for you to STOP if there is oncoming traffic, not just slow down and pull out in front of people. Most people just keep coming and never look to see the oncoming traffic. I think some of us may need to learn what all the traffic signs stand for. Rules of the road people, rules of the road.

What really gets me is that they have the 45 mile an hour signs up and most of the time there is not one worker working. Why? On route 79 in Pennsylvania, they have a car that sits on the roadside taking pictures of cars not following the speed limit and then send you a violation or a ticket notice in the mail. You can tell who has received one of these because they are all in the right-hand lane going the 45 mile an hour. This is just the work that has been going on for the last couple of years and not any of the work that needs to be done this spring and summer to fill in the potholes and repair the roads from the toll of the winter months.

Please be careful out on the roadways, watch for slowing or stop traffic and watch for the people who are working on the roads. So many have lost their lives due to careless drivers not paying attention. Stay alert and keep an eye out for our men, women, and K-9 in blue, our brave police officers who are doing a wonderful job keeping our roadways safe from drunk drivers, drug and human trafficking and just not so smart drivers who are texting on their phones. Thank you all for your service. I am very partial to our K-9 officers. If you follow me on Facebook, you know how much I love my dogs.

Thank you to all of the people who work on the roads day in and day out. We do not say that enough, but we do appreciate you and the jobs you are doing.

  Today, Jeanne Dedo discusses the stress of traffic and how to show appreciation to those who work on our roadways.