Steps to Take Following a Motor Vehicle Crash

Steps to Take Following a Motor Vehicle Crash

Being involved in a motor vehicle crash can be physically painful but it can also be mentally stressful and traumatic. You may not be able to avoid the crash, but there are things you can do to help you stay safe and provide a better outcome. Hopefully, you will never have to experience a motor vehicle crash. However, if you do, here are some very important steps to take following a crash:

  1. Determine if you or anyone else is injured;
  2. Get yourself and your vehicle out of danger if the crash is minor and you have no injuries;
  3. Contact the police;
  4. Request an ambulance if needed;
  5. If there are no serious injuries, then collect important information from everyone involved in the crash (ex: name, address, phone number, driver’s license number, insurance information, registration, etc.). Also, collect any information from witnesses that may have seen the crash (ex: name, address, phone number, statement, etc.);
  6. Take photographs of the crash scene, all vehicles involved and any injuries;
  7. Contact your insurance company even if you are not at fault. This is especially important if the other driver is uninsured or underinsured. 
  8. Emotions can run high right after a crash, so it’s best to avoid any argument over who was at fault. This can be sorted out later.
  9. If injured, seek medical attention immediately.

Following the motor vehicle crash, you may find yourself overwhelmed with what to do next and how to proceed. The whole process may seem very difficult to navigate. If you were injured, you should focus on taking care of yourself and seeking any necessary medical treatment. This can be very difficult while having to deal with insurance companies, as they can be very intimidating and not always looking out for your best interests. Law firms, like ours, can help you through the process, so you can focus solely on your medical treatment.     

Please keep in mind this is not an exhaustive list of steps, as every situation is unique. Hopefully, you will never need these steps, but just in case it is always better to be prepared. However, if you find yourself in the unfortunate situation of being involved in a motor vehicle crash and are injured, make sure you reach out to an attorney who handles these types of claims, as they can assist you through this very difficult time.

  Jodi Cunningham shares a few important steps to take following a motor vehicle crash.