Signs of Fall

Signs of Fall

Signs of Fall

Fall is one of my favorite times of the year!  Maybe it’s the weather, the changing leaves, or just everything pumpkin, but all of it just makes me smile.  National Poetry Day was October 5.  What better way to celebrate this wonderful season than through a poem, especially when it’s one written by my mom.

In honor of National Poetry Day and my mom (Judy Wood), here is one of her original poems:


The signs of fall are abundantly clear

They are all around us to see, feel and hear

Falling leaves and a slight chill in the air

Mums of many colors and pumpkins everywhere

Pack away your tank tops, shorts and bathing suits

Time to bring out your sweatshirts, jeans and boots

So enjoy this beautiful time of year

Because old man winter is very near


Happy fall, everyone!