Shop Your Local Small Businesses

Shop Your Local Small Businesses

Shop Your Local Small Businesses

With Christmas just around the corner, many people have started shopping or will be soon. During this shopping season, remember to keep in mind your local businesses when looking for gift ideas. Small Business Saturday will be held this year on Nov. 28. So, let’s show our support and celebrate all of the great things about small businesses.

Here are 5 reasons to shop your local small businesses: 

1. Improve Your Community – When you shop locally your tax money is more likely to stay in the community, which helps with local community improvement projects. You could also find some really great gifts while helping your community! 

2. It Feels Great – As a customer and community member it feels great to know you are helping support real people and their families. Often times, these are people we know personally and it means a lot to know we are helping them.

3. Personalized Customer Service – Many local small businesses care about the community and the people. As a result, they often provide exceptional customer service and tailor to your individual needs.

4. Job Creation – Small businesses employ more than half of the people in the workforce.  Also, creating jobs in your community helps it succeed and thrive. 

5. Give Back to the Community – Local small businesses tend to donate more to local charities than non-local businesses.

All small businesses could use our help during these difficult times, so remember to shop your local small businesses on Nov. 28 and all season long.  Happy shopping!