Senator McCain’s Final Letter

Senator McCain’s Final Letter

As was read from Senator McCain’s final letter to America, “I tried to serve our country honorably.”  There have been many, many descriptive terms used in memorializing Senator McCain since his passing August 25, 2018, and, of the many, this one, I think, does quite well in summing up the many years he gave to America and the American people. 

Mr. McCain continued serving his country after summarily being taken as a prisoner of war and hovering near death’s door in a prison camp for five and a half years. Lt. Commander McCain followed the rules of the U.S. Military Code of Conduct. Did he simply choose to do this knowing that he may be signing his own death warrant? The Webster Dictionary defines honor as: A keen sense of ethical conduct; Integrity. He not only chose honor, honor chose him. Honor was in his blood. The blood of a warrior. His lineage decried this. His father and grandfather were both men who served our country with distinction—both four-star Admirals. The McCains can trace their military lineage back to the American Revolution. He was one the largest champions of the U.S. military and served as the Chairman of the Senate Committee on Armed Services and was a giant voice for all our military and its veterans. 

Senator McCain was the epitome of honorable. Few can stand in his shoes. It was citizens much like him in which this country was founded and citizens such as him is where our future lies. If everyone were to pause and choose just one of his many fine qualities to be applied somewhere in our own lives this country will stand proud and resilient as ever. 

John Sidney McCain III, you, sir, absolutely served our country and its citizens honorably! Rest in Peace.

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Today's blog: As was read from Senator McCain’s final letter to America, “I tried to serve our country honorably.” Susan Wilson talks in the blog today about how the word "honorably" appropriately sums up his time in office and in the military.