The Seasons Soon Will Change

The Seasons Soon Will Change

The Seasons Soon Will Change

Last night, I sat on my porch. It seemed to be a perfect night as I sipped a cool cocktail on a hot summer’s evening. All was calm and peaceful. No complaints here. Almost.

Then, I realized changes were soon to come.

Most of my family have lived in the northeast and rather enjoyed the changing seasons, particularly my parents. Fall is their favorite time of year. Nevertheless, as I age, the winters seemingly have become much more intolerable, extreme in a sense, and I shriek at the thought of icy, blustery mornings.

You’ll get no argument from me that the scenes are beautiful as the seasons change, some even breathtaking. However, deep down, I long for that warmer air year‑round. And it’s no secret to everyone who knows me; I just favor the hot summer days and nights. One person, who greatly shares this one-season love of mine, is my son. It’s something we’ve truly always had in common. To us, warm, hot sun is energizing. We find it motivational. 

This year will be different though because something is missing. Something has already changed.

As I continued to look to the early evening sky, I thought about Charles, my son, who recently made his move to Austin, Texas, to work and finish his master’s degree in pursuit of his dreams. Wait a minute! He left me behind!

Here I am on my porch, with his winter coat hanging in the hallway closet, as I think “How can I possibly get through?” I feel abandoned and left to fend for myself. No one else in this house will quite sympathize with me the way he did. Who will help guide me through when I gripe about the wind and the cold? Someone needs to listen to me screech as I take my dogs out in two feet of snow.

Well, this is a first; the first year that person will not be him. Trust me when I say he fully understands that the cold chill and I do not get along. It’s something we shared and have always been one in the same. 

Yes, change is coming and, as the seasons progress, I prepare for the fall with winter not far behind. I will be pulling out the heavy clothes, the heated blankets and will stock up on hot chocolate and driveway salt while he still is enjoying the pool and warm evenings on his porch.

Then I thought how great it is for him to shoot for his dreams in a climate in which he knew he can thrive and grow.

This certainly will be a different year in our home as the seasons change and I may be left behind to deal with ice on the windshield – or whatever Mother Nature sends this way -- but I also just realized my son and his warmer climate just gifted me a winter vacation home!

Bundle up everyone and, hey, son, save me a seat by the pool. Maybe I can make it through after all, as these seasons change.