A Road Trip Down Memory Lane

A Road Trip Down Memory Lane

A Road Trip Down Memory Lane

Read a Road Map Day is celebrated every April 5, so I thought it would be fun to take a little trip down memory lane.


Many of the younger generation probably have not even heard of a road map or at least have not used one. Before GPS, cell phones and other navigational devices, this was how everyonetraveled from one place to another.

I can remember going on vacation with my family every summer and my Dad getting the road map out to plan our trip. He would highlight roads on the map and then my Mom would be in charge of reading it for him while he drove. I was usually sleeping in the back seat, of course, or asking when we were going to stop and eat.

Some of you may also remember the TripTiks you could get through AAA. As a member of AAA you could tell the office where you were starting and your intended destination, and an agent would draw the route with a highlighter on a series of numbered maps, which was called a TripTik. TripTiks are still available in paper form but are now also available on an app that highlights AAA-diamond rated hotels and restaurants, directions, attractions and more, with information from AAA travel editors. It even lists current gas prices.

Although, we have all gotten used to using our phones and other navigational devices for directions, we should always have a backup plan. You never know when you might not be able to get a signal or when your phone might run out of battery or just not function correctly. So, it’s always a good idea to have a paper road map. I use my phone most of the time, but I think from now on I will be keeping a map in my car just in case.

So, on April 5 remember to pick up a paper road map and stick it in your car or get one out and teach your kids how to read one as it may come in handy – especially because vacation time will be here soon.

Happy travels and Happy Read A Road Map Day!