Reptiles are Cool! Well….Bearded Dragons

Reptiles are Cool! Well….Bearded Dragons

Reptiles are Cool! Well….Bearded Dragons

I have two dinosaur loving boys at home! They “rawr” all day and night. My 7-year-old can probably name more than 20 different dinos. He knows so many facts about them, even when they roamed the earth.

About a year ago, he began begging me for a bearded dragon — his very own “dinosaur.” He knew I would not go for a snake or a bird. (Yes, birds are dinosaurs!) Well, one day I made the terrible mistake of sending my husband to Petco with the boys to get dog food. And guess what. They came home with our new pet bearded dragon.

We now have a whole tank set up with basking rocks, heat lamps (UVA and UVB), a water bowl, a salad bowl, and a hammock. And I am sure the enclosure will just continue to grow and get bigger.

Bearded dragons, by the way, are omnivores. They eat live crickets, mealworms, and little roaches. Then, every day after school, my son makes a salad. It has kale, bell peppers, cucumbers, carrots, cilantro and so many more vegetables we rotate. I’m really proud of how responsible he’s been taking care of his new pet.

Bearded dragons also love to snuggle and play! They need enrichment out of their environment. My boys take her out and build her Lego houses, push her around on fire trucks and play little games with her on the floor. Then the dragon will get tired and snuggle up. Since they are cold blooded, they can only be out of their light for so long before their body temperatures drop and they go into sleepy mode. But my boys enjoy holding her and relaxing too.

They named him Aloe, but it turns out she is a girl. So now, she is Princess Aloe Vera!

If you are looking for your next pet or your “own dinosaur,” maybe consider a bearded dragon! Feel free to ask me anything about them. I’ve learned so much over the last couple months and grown so much fonder of our little dragon.