Remarks on The King of Kings This Christmas Season from Jay Stoneking

Remarks on The King of Kings This Christmas Season from Jay Stoneking

Remarks on The King of Kings This Christmas Season from Jay Stoneking

You can imagine all of the preparations that would have to be made if the President visited your hometown.

Naturally, the President would require the best accommodations including a plush hotel, food, and all of the amenities. Transportation would have to be provided. Security would obviously be a major concern. So would crowd control. Why? Because where the President goes, so does his entourage, the press and, of course, thousands upon thousands of onlookers.

But the situation was very different 2,000 years ago.

In a tiny Near Eastern village an even greater dignitary arrived for a visit--God's own son, Jesus. But he didn't come with all of the trappings of wealth and prestige. Far from it. Instead of a five-star hotel room, he came to a cold, drafty stable. Instead of a bed, he was given a feeding trough. Instead of blankets, he was kept warm with strips of cloth.

Was he greeted by throngs of admirers and onlookers? Not exactly. Even though he was the King of Kings, he didn't draw a crowd. There was no press or paparazzi. Wealthy and powerful men didn't line the streets to shake his hand or bend his ear. In fact, the only visitors he had were shepherds from the fields outside of the village--ordinary men who were given an extraordinary opportunity to see the newborn king with their own eyes.

It's fitting that Jesus came as he did. What message would it send if the Savior had been born in a palace or in a fine, rich home? Jesus came to offer hope and salvation to everyone. Think of it. Rich or poor, nobleman or commoner. The coming of the King of Kings broke through all of these barriers.

In the coming weeks you'll probably see countless nativities. Don't just pass them by. Stop and look at the surroundings--the stable, the manger, the shepherds peering intently at the newborn baby boy. And as you look, remember that he chose to come to such a humble place as proof that his love can reach anyone, anywhere, anytime!

From all of us at Bordas & Bordas, have a blessed and joy-filled Christmas season!