The Rainbow Bridge

The Rainbow Bridge

When we get a dog (or cat), most of us know that we will normally out live them, but it’s really hard to watch them decline. I am sadly seeing that decline in one of my boys. You start to notice little things with them- the lack of playing, having a hard time going up the stairs, trying to get in bed with you, sleeping a lot more, and so many other signs that we really would rather ignore.  I’ve always told my four-leggers that they need to let me know when they’ve had enough and when it’s time for them to run across the “Rainbow Bridge”.  I’ve been blessed that my dogs have always let me know when they are ready to head home to heaven to be with God and the best dog park any of them could ask for. 

I’ve always been with them when that time has come because I want them to see me before they leave this earth so they know how much I LOVED them and so I can thank them for the wonderful life they gave me while they were here.  I know that they will be waiting for me when I cross my own bridge to Heaven.  I know it is hard witness them cross over the Rainbow Bridge, but you need to be there for them just like they were there for you all those years. The grieving you do for your dog is extremely hard and the words many of us say after they pass normally are, “I will never get another dog again.” I believe that they would want you to adopt another dog from a shelter or rescue league and give them the best life, just like you did for them.   So many animals are waiting for someone to come and take them to their “furever” home and who knows, you may just find another best friend.  I’m a firm believer that you don’t pick the dog, the dog picks you. 

When saying goodbye, every dog needs to see and feel your love just like they have their entire life.  It’s ok to let them know that they can run to the Rainbow Bridge and that you’ll be alright.  I believe that some dog spirts sticks around to make sure we are alright before they totally cross over and patiently wait for us.  Give them one last look at your face because for so many years it was the face that they looked forward to seeing every day as they gave you their unconditional LOVE.

Rock on Bordas Dog Nation, rock on.

Jeanne Dedo shares the importance of being present for your four legged friend as they cross the Rainbow Bridge.