Putting Your Best Foot Forward

Putting Your Best Foot Forward

Putting your best foot forward, after all, that’s what feet are made for, right?

Many of us spend a lot of time sedentary at our desks throughout the day so, you need to counteract that time your body thinks it is idle and get up and get moving. 

Just walk.

This is a great workout for your body. On the inside, this cardio-vascular exercise will strengthen your vital organs like your heart and lungs in a relatively small amount of time while boosting your circulation. Exteriorly, this can help with loss of weight including a loss of inches around the waist and can even help to tone those troubled areas. 

Whether it be a power walk that is moderately high in intensity or a casual stroll, obviously, the effects are going to be greater with the more intensity, but whatever the pace of the day may be, it helps because it is not sedentary, which does nothing for us physically, or mentally!

I have heard so many people say their back or knees won’t allow them to exercise, so they concede to a stationary lifestyle that leaves them feeling down in the dumps.

Walking is so much easier on your bones and joints than many other exercise options out there.

You want to have the best functioning body you can while you are stuck with it and certainly the sharpest mental state you can maintain throughout your life – so get up and get moving!

Naturally, with age, muscles weaken and so does the brain. Fight back and protect what you have to work with as long as you can. Getting outdoors and staying active around your home are both free. All it takes is a commitment and determination.

Initially, feeling the aches and pains may deter you, but push through it. Rub your feet and stretch your body. ‘No pain, no gain’ does have a bit of truth to it. In no time at all, you will find yourself looking forward to it, even striving to push your limits farther.

I have always maintained an exercise regimen throughout my life, but walking is the one that has stuck with me with the most consistently. 

Three years ago, my neighbor and I committed to walking together. Our goal is to walk four miles about five days a week. We are always implementing something new to keep it exciting whether it be leg weights or arm weights or a sprint here or there, the latest brilliant idea we came up with, is walking backwards up hills. Granted our neighbors think we have lost our marbles and my, it hurts, but that tells us those are muscle we were using before. It challenges us and the best part is – we make it fun!

Sometimes we can’t put in the four miles, so we say a couple laps is better than nothing. We both know how easy it is to skip a day or two and it takes a lot to jump back in. So, you have to come up with a plan to combat that when it happens because it will. It happens with all of us.

30 minutes a day would make such a difference in the way you feel. You may not have the physique of a bodybuilder but feeling better is what it is about and keeping yourself functioning to your best capacity in this one life we live.

Walk on, friends!

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