PSA: Do Not Leave Dogs in Hot Cars!

PSA: Do Not Leave Dogs in Hot Cars!

Every year dogs are left in cars with the window rolled down just a little bit in the hot and humid weather. This was the case over the weekend at the Highlands in Wheeling, WV. The person was form out of town and stated that they do it all the time where they’re from. Well you don’t do it here. I thank God that the Ohio County Sheriff Office and our very own Doug The Dog Warden were there in record time, I asked them if I could have five minutes alone with this person, but the dog wardens’ wife said when they got to the car that she was asked to please stay in the truck. I know that she and I were thinking the same exact thing. I can’t preach this enough, DO NOT leave your four-legged or your two-legged children in the car even for a few minutes in this hot and humid weather, this is a life or death situation for them. Please check the back seat to make sure you haven’t forgotten your child in their car seats if you don’t hear them, they are more than likely are sleeping. Do a double check if you have children that you take to a sitter or any type of day care especially this time of year. Write yourself a note if need be if you normally don’t take your child and you must do it on that day.

Please if you have an outside animal make sure they have shaded area where they can get to, so they can get out of the hot sun and they also need access to plenty of clean cool water to drink. Dogs can have heat stroke just like you and me. Be mindful of your pets and if you see a dog who has been left in a car call your local authorities to handle the situation. I’ve called before and trust me they are right on it to get the dog out and to make sure they are safe and if they need to get them to a vet. We in Ohio County are blessed to have a fantastic dog warden and Sheriff’s Department who take every call very seriously in the situation of a dog being left in a hot car. 

If you think you can do this and get away with it here in Ohio County, you’re dead wrong, you will be charged with animal cruelty and if I had my way your name would be on the front page of the newspaper, and you would never be allowed to have another dog the rest of your life.

Adopt don’t shop and dog fighting is not a sport it is abuse and needs to be reported to the local authorities.

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Today's blog: Jeanne Dedo wants to remind you not to leave your four-legged or two-legged children in hot cars. This is a serious offense and will be taken seriously by local law enforcement. Take care of your babies!