Pros and Cons of February

Pros and Cons of February

Pros and Cons of February

What’s your favorite month?  I bet it’s not February.

We all know there are studies out there on just about anything and everything you can think of and of course, there are some on February.

To no surprise, February ranked as one of the least favorite months.  The chart is topped with a late spring or early fall months as consistent winners,  and I don’t think that much will change over the years to come.

Let’s examine some possible reasons why February falls below the level of most desirable months of the year.  Besides the obvious reasons that longer days and better weather are simply more appealing.

So, why the is there so much animosity toward February?

First, February does itself no favors.  It’s okay to pronounce it Febru or Feb.  It’s true.  Look it up.  The month does not care.  So, if the month doesn’t get enough respect to have a proper pronunciation, you can’t expect too many other great things about it to follow.

My husband always said it’s the shortest, but longest month of the year and it’s the one time of the year I am sure to agree with him.  For most in West Virginia, we know how brutal February can be.

Not I, nor my family have anything pleasant to say about it except for when we reminisce about the trips we’ve wisely taken. We usually escape to a much warmer area during the month of February.  Those February times were acceptable.

I hesitate to say that so far this season, we have escaped the extremely low temperatures. I hesitate because it’s way too early in February to think that we actually may make it through without too much frost and the bitter dark mornings. Why do I have these feelings?  I imagine for most it’s the combination of there’s just nothing exciting right now.  The holiday festivities are over, and the family gatherings are not as frequent.

The ground is usually damp and dirty.  It’s too cold to kick off your shoes and feel carefree.  The skies are almost a continuous version of gray and quite frankly, it’s just somewhat depressing. New Year’s resolutions aren’t all you thought they would be, football is over and the heating bill just arrived.  If that isn’t enough, well, someone thinks we love February so much that they add an extra day every four years and this year is one of those luckier years.

So, let’s find that silver lining.

Assuming you have that special someone you want to share it with, there’s always Valentine’s Day.  Some additional upsides are that adorable groundhog, Phil.  It’s Black History Month and if you were born in February, your odds of being famous are higher than the average person born in one of the other 11 months.

February honestly, is kind of boring.  A bit of a drag in no uncertain terms.  Makes it easy to get caught up in the gloomy winter mood.  No worries, the longer days and warmer nights will be here before we know it.  So, hang in there friends, and enjoy your February.  Snuggle up with a book, soak in a bubble bath and watch an old movie in front of the fireplace because soon you will look forward to a little down time.

See, there is always an upside.  Even in February.