The Power of Your “Word”

The Power of Your “Word”

The Power of Your “Word”

On Mother’s Day when I walked into church, all of the mothers and grandmothers we were asked to come up with a word to describe themselves. The word we chose would be stamped onto a metal disc and made into a charm bracelet as a gift to celebrate us.

Now it’s not so easy to sum your life in just one word. You want that word to be important and meaningful. Words are very powerful. The words you say can destroy or build a person. The words you say can make someone’s day good or not so good. My word…it had to be a powerful one.

While sitting there staring at the card I was supposed to fill out, I asked my son for his guidance. “What is my word?” He responded “love”. Hmmm good one. But I just didn’t feel that was THE “word”.

I continued to listen to the sermon spoken by the pastor’s wife.  She talked of women in the Bible who had not so good pasts, faced difficult trials, or grew up in unhealthy family situations. These same women came to Jesus to be restored. “Restore” yes!!! That’s the word for me!!

No. That wasn’t my “word” either.

I had to come up with one word, when I felt so many such as “unworthy”, “small”, “lost” etc. Then my word hit me...“Daughter”. You see, as I have walked through so many circumstances in my life, my “word” changed. Good words, bad words. However one thing that never changed was my status as a “daughter”. My challenges, weaknesses, happy times, victories, every single one of them I remained His daughter. And HE was there every step with me.

My word is so strong because of who my Father is. My word, His “daughter” covers a magnitude of words. Including love.

“Daughter”. Yep, that’s my word!